Networking happens when individuals or groups come together to share information or resources or get to know each other.  It is a gathering of information and people all for a common purpose.  For non-profit advocates with limited resources, networking helps  to expand the available resources.  Coalitions are similar, but they’re more action oriented.  A coalition is a group of individuals and/or organizations with a common interest working together toward a common goal.  To help disability advocates network and build coalitions, the Disability Advocacy Support Hub (DASH) has put together a resource toolkit on networking and coalition building.  DASH is a project of the Disability Rights Pennsylvania through a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

Most of the links take you to publications developed by other organizations.  Inclusion does not constitute endorsement of any other organizations.   We hope these publications will help you to become actively involved in making a difference for people with disabilities in your community and on the state and national levels.

For questions or concerns about this toolkit, please contact Lan Do, Disability Rights Pennsylvania, at, 800-692-7443 ext. 312 (voice), 877-375-7139 (TDD).


5 Common Misconceptions that Make you Bad at Networking

Innovation Network for Communities Materials

Case Study on Networking through Social Media

Organizing Rather than Mobilizing: Using Social Networks for Constituency-Building

The What, Why, and How of Coalition Building

Community Tool Box’s Coalition Building I: Starting a Coalition

Grassroots Organizing-Coalition Building

Coalition Building

In-depth Guide to Coalition Building

Developing Statewide Alliances to Create Policy Change 

Strategic Partnerships: How to Create and Maintain Interorganizational Collaborations and Coalitions (with video lectures)

Community Organizing Video by DASH

Maintaining a Coalition

Community Tool Box’s Coalition Building II: Maintaining a Coalition

How to Host Effective Coalition Meetings

Ethical Issues in Building and Maintaining Coalitions: A 10-Step Decision-Making Model for Choosing between Right and Right

Other Resources for Coalition Building

Advocacy University documents and links to Coalition Building from American Library Association

Coalition Building Blocks Worksheet by Englin Consulting, LLC

Community Organizing by Disability Rights Network of PA

Action Strategies for Effective Coalitions from the National Council on Disability

Programs and Coalitions of California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC)

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