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Accessibility and Accommodations

Assistive Technology


Education and Transition to Adult Life

The special education publications below were produced by the Education Law Center. To learn more about ELC and its work, find alerts, or access additional education-related publications, visit the ELC web site.

Education: Fact Sheets – Chapter 15: Children With Disabilities Who Do Not Need Special Education

Special Education: ADD/ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder


Estate Planning/Guardianship/Substitute Decision-Making


Intellectual Disabilities

Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Mental Health

The publication in this category titled “Getting Medical Assistance for a Child (Under 18) with a Severe Disability, Mental Illness or Behavioral Disorder under the “Loophole”, can be found on the website of the Pa Health Law Project. If you would like to see their entire website, go to

Mental Health Advance Directives



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