A Supports Brokerage is an agency that provides Supports Broker services ensuring that Supports Brokers have the appropriate experience, expertise, training, supervision and support to provide brokering services to people directing their own services.  A Supports Brokerage employs qualified Supports Brokers.

As part of the Person Directed Services Demonstration Project, Values Into Action (VIA-PA) has established a “Supports Brokerage” by becoming a qualified provider of this service under the waivers.  VIA-PA contracts with Brokers that meet all applicable qualifications.  People interested in utilizing a Broker through VIA-PA will be able to select the Broker with whom they work.

As part of the Person Directed Services Project, project collaborators are developing a training package and policy manual for Supports Brokers.  Both the training package and policy manual will be available in 2015.

Marian Frattarola-Saulino, Brokerage Director, Values Into Action-PA, marians@viapa.org, 610-565-5177 ext.14