Just like in traditional models, many safeguards are in place to prevent fraud and abuse.

A service or supports coordinator (SC) works with a person to develop an individualized service/support plan.  The supports coordinator is responsible to monitor services the person receives whether he or she uses an agency or directs his or her own services.  The supports coordinator will check-in and make sure that the person is receiving the services and supports outlined in the plan.  This monitoring is one as often as it would be done if the person were using an agency.

Just like in traditional services, there must be documentation for all services and supports.  People that provide services and supports for a person must keep time sheets, progress notes (for some waivers) or provide invoices.

Again, just like in traditional services, all waiver services and supports must be approved and authorized before they are purchased.  The Financial Management Service (Public Partnerships, LLC or a local Agency with Choice) will only make payments for goods and services that have been approved by the county or state.