The PDSS Coalition’s goal is that “All people with disabilities shall have the option to design, control and direct their own services and funding.”

The Office of Developmental Programs allows some self-directed services for two of the three home and community-based waivers it administers. The Person/Family Directed Supports (P/FDS) and Consolidated waiver participants who live in private residences, (not paid residential settings), may elect to use “Participant Directed Supports” (PDS).  This option allows employer authority and very limited budget authority (only the ability to determine workers’ wages from established wage ranges). The Autism waiver does not currently have any options for PDS. Supports Brokers are a billable service under the P/FDS and Consolidated waivers for people who live in their own private homes and use a Financial Management Service. The intent of Supports Broker services is to enhance the individual’s ability to direct his or her own services. Though an allowable waiver service for over a decade, Supports Broker capacity is just being developed in Pennsylvania. As a result, there are very few people who use these services and very few providers who offer these services.

Participant Directed Services and  Financial Management Services Models

The Partnership Resources and Information on PDS in ODP

PDSS Project Report on the Status of PDS in the Office of Developmental Programs