Person-Driven Services Project…

is a four year project funded by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council that includes a demonstration project, an advocacy component and a research component.  The project’s goal is to raise awareness and support for person-driven services and expand Cash and Counseling models which offer the greatest amount of authority and control.  Please contact us for more information.

Demonstration Project

In northeastern and southeastern Pennsylvania, 40-50 people will be selected to direct their own services with the assistance of a Support Broker/Recovery Coach (Certified Peer Specialist).  A Supports Broker provides coaching, consultation, and guidance to people with disabilities and their families as they navigate participant directed programs in Pennsylvania as an employer.  Project participants will select a Supports Broker/Recovery Coach to assist them with planning, budgeting and arranging formal and informal services and supports.


The project collaborators will engage in advocacy efforts at multiple levels to expand Cash and Counseling (Services My Way) models in Pennsylvania because they offer the greatest authority and control to persons with disabilities.  The project will work on several levels — grassroots, local community, administrative and legislative — to raise awareness and support for person-driven services and supports.  Help us make a difference in Pennsylvania!


The expansion of person-driven services and supports in Pennsylvania will help to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and provide a more cost effective way for meeting the needs of all Pennsylvanians with disabilities.  Research from other states show that people using person-driven models have higher satisfaction with services, fewer unmet needs, greater reported life satisfaction and ability to pursue individual interests.  Research also shows that person-driven services can be cost-effective.  The project will be looking at research from other states, looking at data from PA’s Services My Way program and our own demonstration project to develop an evidence based argument for expansion of person driven service models in Pennsylvania’s services and supports programs for people with disabilities.

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Person-Driven Services and Supports is a collaboration with the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, Value into Action-PA, Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, PA Health Law Project, Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care, PA Mental Health Consumers’ Association and the Human Services Research Institute.

Learn more about the grant project at Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities website.