Sept 2011 Memorandum to Assistant Secretaries—Memo outlines federal legal requirements on accessibility and ED’s initiative to improve IT and Internet accessibility.
Key Concepts for Creating Accessible Documents—Concepts from Section 508 requirements to create accessible documents usable by individuals with any type of disability.
Below are requirements for making accessible documents at ED listed by document type.
Microsoft Office Word
• NEW!!! Word 2010 Accessibility Requirements
Please Note: If you are using an older version of Microsoft (before 2010), you may need to download the Compatibility Pac to view this document.
Word 2007 Accessibility Requirements and Word 2007 Checklist
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
PowerPoint 2010 Accessibility Requirements and PowerPoint 2010 Checklist
PowerPoint 2007 Accessibility Requirements and PowerPoint 2007 Checklist
Microsoft Office Excel
Excel 2010 Accessibility Requirements and Excel 2010 Checklist
Excel 2007 Accessibility Requirements and Excel 2007 Checklist
PDF Documents
Adobe Acrobat X (Professional) Accessibility Requirements and Acrobat X (Professional) Checklist
Adobe Acrobat 9 (Professional)Accessibility Requirements and Acrobat 9 (Professional) Checklist


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