Logo for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is November 29 this year and Disability Rights Pennsylvania (DRP) is asking for your support. Giving Tuesday is the national day of giving, raising funds, and awareness for important causes. DRP works tirelessly everyday to protect and advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities. Last year, DRP served over 3,000 children and adults with disabilities. Your support on Giving Tuesday will help us to strengthen our legal advocacy services in Pennsylvania.


To make a donation to the Disability Rights Pennsylvania, click the donate button below.

You can also make a donation by writing a check to DRP and mailing it to:

Disability Rights Pennsylvania
301 Chestnut Street, Suite 300
Harrisburg, PA, 17101
Please make checks payable to “DRP” and include “Giving Tuesday” on the subject line.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Giving Tuesday.

  • What is Giving Tuesday and when will it take place?

      • Giving Tuesday is a single day of charitable giving to support diverse nonprofits.
      • Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, November 29, 2014 from 5:00am-midnight


  • Why should I give to DRP through Giving Tuesday?

      • It’s a great opportunity to invest in critical legal advocacy services for persons with disabilities and increase the capacity of DRP.


  • How do I make a donation?

      • Visit DRP’s website at www.disabilityrightspa.org/donate/giving-tuesday  and click on our “Donate ” button. You will be able to donate securely through our website with your credit card.
      • You may also participate by writing a check to DRP and mailing it to 301 Chestnut Street, Suite 300, Harrisburg, PA 17101.  Make your check payable to “DRP”.


  • Is there a minimum or maximum donation I can make through Giving Tuesday?

      • There is no minimum or maximum donation amount.


  • Does it cost anything to give through Giving Tuesday? How much of each donation will nonprofits receive?

      • Other than credit card processing fees, your gift will be used in its entirety by DRP to support legal services for persons with disabilities.
      • Credit card processing fees are a very small amount deducted immediately from your donation prior to disbursement to DRP. The amount is 2% of the transaction amount.
      • The credit card processing fees pay for the platform to process credit card transactions.


  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

      • Your donation to DRP is tax-deductible.
      • You will immediately receive a computer-generated acknowledgement of your support on Giving Tuesday.
      • DRP will also send you a thank you letter within one week of your donation.


  • Can I give to more than one organization?

      • We encourage multiple donations.


  • How will the donation be reported on my credit card?

      • Your donation will appear as “DRN of PA” on your credit card statement.


  • Is my donation information secure?

      • DRP has a secured application for the processing of your credit card transaction and your donation is secure.


  • Can I use my employer’s matching gift funds?

      • We encourage the use of employer matching funds.
      • To setup an employer match, please have the individual in your company responsible for employer matches contact Shelley Moore at 1-800-692-7443 extension 308.


  • Who do I contact with questions about Giving Tuesday?

    • You can contact Peri Jude Radecic, Chief Executive Officer, at 800-692-7443 extension 302.